Communcative Language Teaching

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Communcative Language Teaching

Communicative Language Teaching

CLT pays systematic attention to functional as well as structural aspects of language.

I love the idea that with this approach teachers help learners in any way that motivates them to work with the language.

Three principles:Communication principle: Activities that involve real communication promote learning.Task principle: Activities in which language is used for carrying out meaningful tasks promote learning.Meaningfulness principle: Language that is meaningful to the learner supports the learning process.

Language learning is learning to communicate.

Communicative competence is the desired goal.

Strong vs. Weak version of CLTStrong version advances the claim that language is acquired through communication.Weak version stresses the importance of providing learners with opportunities to use their English for communicative purposes.

Learners are expected to interact primarily with each other rather than with the teacher. They should contribute as much as they gain.

According to my point of view I think that Communicative Language Teaching is an effective approach in order to learn through communication . I like the way classroom activities are developed (such as role-play, interviews, surveys, games), the pair-work and learning by teaching idea.

Learners learn a language through using it to communicate.

Fluency is an important dimension of communication.

Learning is a process of creative construction and involves trial and error.

Authentic and meaningful communication should be the goal of classroom activities.

Communication involves the integration of different language skills.


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