Comenius communication

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Comenius communication


Communication in the 21st century

Sending letters

Talking with parents

Meeting with friends


Sending cards

Communication is easier and faster in 21st century... but people spend less time together. Is that ok???

in the past...

and now...

Here you can see how people called in the past. They used old telephones (landlines), they had to be at home when their friends called. And now people call from their smartphones. They can carry their phones everywhere, they don't need any cables.

There is meeting with friends,as you can see,there are two different scenes. One is from the past - friends go out. The second one is from these days, people chat on social sites and they feel happy without seeing each other.

In the past parents and their children talked at home a lot and everything was OK. Now kids don't have time to talk with them at home because they chat on social sites, play PC games and listen to music. Is that right?

There is a school break, you can see that in the past children talked with friends. And now...they are on their mobiles chatting, playing games or listening to music.

In the past people sent paper letters. They put them into the postbox and waited for an answer for a few days. The answer now is really fast, you must just text your friend from your mobile or use a chat application. People usually get letters only from banks etc. today.

In the last century people bought postcards and wrote wrote birthday or Christmas wishes to their friends. Now they just call them on a mobile or text them. Some people send Christmas photos of their family by email.

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