Communication Plan for Coaches and Teachers on Our Campus

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Communication Plan for Coaches and Teachers on Our Campus

Project Description:Prepare a communication plan for coaches and teachers on your campus. Provide guidance to the coaches and teachers on effective techniques and strategies.Develop a plan that does the following:•Address all stakeholders.•Provide communication norms (framework for conversation).•Include a process for conflict resolution.•Include communication formats.Create a multimedia presentation (of your choice) to share this plan with coaches and teachers. Please keep in mind, a multimedia presentation should be an online presentation tool, such as Prezi,, Glogster, or Voicethread, just to name a few.

Coaches and Teachers

A Communication Plan for Coaches and Teachers on Our Campus

* Communication can be a change agent in schools* Communication can bring staff together or tear apart* Effective communication can provode expectation levels* Communication can bring staff together by building trust

If conflict arises, consider the following procedures towards resolution:1) Consider using a facilitator/mediator2) Present delima to mediator/group3) Clarify all data for mediator/group4)Ask questions5) Allow mediator to respond and 6) Debrief situation by allowing open discssion and debriefing process to occur

Professional Learning Communities

Principal and Staff

Principal and Coach

Conflict Resolution Procedures

Communication in Schools

Developed by Karla BirtJuly 6, 2015University of PhoenixCUR/540 Methods of Coaching in the Instructional SettingSara Mattson, Instructor

Communication for Coaches and Teachers* Set up weekly meetings* Develop rapport with resistant teachers* Define areas teachers want to discuss* Develop an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality* Design a plan for addressing classroom and student concerns

Communication for Teacher PLCs* Define purpose of group meeting* Determine focus areas and set expectations* Define the atmosphere of meetings* Ensure full participation from all members* Develop an area of mutual respect and confidentiality in meetings* Ensure that everyone comes to meeting with all necessary materials and content

Communication Between Principal and Staff* Create monthly faculty meetings* Introduce and explain instructional coach job duties and description* Introduce coaching participation list/sign up form* Encourage participation from all staff members* Remind staff of Principal to Staff relationship* Remind staff that Principal will still conduct classroom observations as usual

Communication Between Principal and instructional Coach* Create a calendar/schedule weekly meetings* Come prepared with an agenda to guide discussions for each meeting* Develop a list of expectations for coaching job* Define expectations of coaching experience with teachers* Ensure effective and effecient communication occurs with Principal, staff and coach

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