Communication in Criminal Justice

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Communication in Criminal Justice

Police report writing or in other words forensic report writing can be broken down into 5 simple rules Who,What,Where,When, and Why. Knowing these five W,s leads to a thorough effective report. Always remember to complete all the sections on the form or fact sheet and leave nothing. Also remember to leave no blanks on the form if something does not apply just write unknown or not applicable. Always write with clear english and grammar and puncuation, no abbreveations. in most reporte it's both professional and practical to use clear, specific English words and simple sentences. "In most reports its both professional and practical to use to use clear, specific English words and simple sentences" (Reynolds). Knowing these things and how to write an effective report is essential to making a strong case or making a blown case.

Non verbal communication takes up the majority of the way we communicate in the criminal justice system. Things such as body language, facial expressions, and eye contact are good ways to detect deception. "Eye contact and gaze are very powerful non verbal cues" (Economic and Social Development Book of Procedings). Employing good active listenting skills and mirroring is the best way to communicate non verbally.

Verbal communication is plays a big role in the criminal justice system even though it only takes a small part of the communication we do. Paying attention to things such as slow, soft, or hesitant speech is a good way to detect lies. Also speaking confidently with good voice intonation is the best way to communicate verbaly in the criminal justice system.

Verbal Communication

Written Communication

The patrol officers plays a huge role in fighting domestic violence. Your thorough investagating, collecting evidence, and report writing is essential to the effective prosecution of domestic violence. "Domestic violence is a mor contributor to the physical and mental ill health of the victim, and is evident in some degree, in every society in the world" (Industrial Psychiatry Journal). That is why it is so import to document everything as much as possible to display good thorughness and professionalism to combat domestic violence.

Domestic Violence

Communication in Criminal Justice

Non Verbal Communication


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