Communication in Business

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Communication in Business

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Internal Communication are those that happen within the business. For example between employees or between the owners.Formal communication channels follow the hierarchical organisation chart in which decisions are made and relayed downwards, upwards or sideways depending on the position an employee holds in the company. For example; the CEO works with senior managers whereas a team leader may work with general employees. They are often more appropriate and reliable channels but they can be slow at communicating messages.Informal communication channels do not formally follow the organisational chart. For example the 'grapevine' can be much quicker at relaying messages but there is the danger of miscommunication through rumours spreading.

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External Communication

Communication is the exchange of information between individuals; therefore it involves a sender conveying messages, receiver and feedback to determine if the information has been relayed accurately.

Factors Affecting Decoding

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-Building positive relationships and trust-Assessing the audience and tailoring the method and style of communication to suit-Understanding the importance of listening-Ensuring the message is clear, straight forward and easily understood-Understanding unintentional communication can occur through other methods such as facial expressions and body language-Changing communication if message was not received accurately

Internal Communication

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Communication in Business

-Language: tone, sentence structure and complexity of language must be appropriate for the receiver-Environment:: background activities may interfere with the sending of messages e.g. noisy or crowded-Cultural or age differences: may alter the way a person perceives a particular message which must be taken into account e.g. gestures or facial expressions-Mood and State of Mind: if the listener is not in a receptive mood a message may be ignored or confused-Body Language: can change the meaning of a message entirely depending on if it is good or bad

External Communication refers to the business's communication with people outside of the business. For example; customers (customer complaints) and suppliers. It is used for improving customer service, giving instructions and public relations.


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