Communication in 21st century

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Communication in 21st century

Communication in 21st Century

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Time Line


Samuel Morse


Alexandar Graham Bell





Nikola Tesla


'Telecommunication' is a term coming from Greek and meaning 'communication at distance' through signals of varied nature coming from a transmitter to a receiver. In order to achieve effective communication, the choice of a proper mean of transport for the signal has played (and still plays) a fundamental role.

In ancient times, the most common way of producing a signal would be through light (fires) and sound (drums and horns). However, those kinds communications were insecure and certainly left room to improvement as they did not permit message encryption nor a fast transmission of information on a large scale.

Electromagnetic energy, in fact, is able to transport information in an extremely fast way (ideally to the speed of light), in a way that previously had no equals in terms of costs reliability. Therefore, we may say that the starting point of all modern telecommunications was the invention of the electric cell by Alessandro Volta (1800).

1822. - Samuel Morse invented wire telegraph.1844. – Morse demonstrated telegraph signal transfer using twisted pair between Washington and Baltimore – that is consider as the beginning of communications.

In 1866. was installed first transatlantic undersea telegraph cable which enabled intercontinental telegraph traffic between America and Europe.

1876. – Alexander Graham Bell patented phone. 1878. –Bell demonstrated phone like a means for voice transmission (remotely electrically)

1890. – realisation of phone networks in which the centre manual telephone exchange are. They enabled automaticall electromehanical exchange.

1864. – J.C. Maxwell posted theory of electromagnetic waves which explains communications that we use today. He also predicted existing of radio waves (1864. – 1873. )

Radio waves were first predicted by J. C. Maxwell. He proposed equations that described electromagnetic properties of light and radio waves. The basic characteristics of radio waves are frequency, wavelength.

1896. – Nikola Tesla patented principles of radio transmission ( in period from 1896. to 1914. patented series of discoveries that make base of contemporary radio technology).

1943. – After all Tesla finally received credits for his work regarding radio transmission.

Communication means that we use today are: smart phones, GPS, tablets, computers (all kinds), personal digital assistant... Telecommunication services that are in use today are: online gaming, IPTV, Video on Demand, file sharing, video sharing (YouTube), social networking ( Facebook , Twitter, etc...), e-learning, e-shopping...Communication technology that wide spread are: Wi-Fi, ADSL, VDSL, FTTH, satellite...

These are the most important discovers in world of technology. There are many more discovers, but these had the biggest impact on today’s telecommunication systems that we use every day.


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