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World Languages

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Fast Facts - the most widely used language is English. - French don't like when tourists speak English in France. - someone said that the most difficult language in the world was Slovak language.

Communicationall around the world.

I think that in each country there is different communication.

Words can hurt or heal.

Don't forget: communication is about talking, not about your computer!

Kids might have their internet accounts, they are lying about their age and they can reveal important information about their house, computers or about themselves.

A lot of people prefer Internet communication, which can lead to various misunderstandings among people.

Communication can be expressed in all kinds of ways. Paintings, gestures, or, of course, language.

communication is really needed!

Communication is important part of our life. It helps us everyday and we forgot it is so needed!

Nobody knows, what we would do if we didn't have communication. Frequent question in my head. Clair Z.

Read and remember! Leslie Green.

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Joseph Conrad


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