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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were created to have a common set of expectations for what a student should know and be able to do as opposed to the varied standards created by each individual state. They are also internationally benchmarked.

*The CCSS are a set of skills, but curriculum and teaching practices are made locally*Each state can add 15% locally developed standards

Keys to Effective Implementation-cost-effective assessments-integration with other reforms-sufficient support for teachersin the way of proper training and appropriate curriculum materials, instructional strategies and assessments-sufficient support for students

"Clearly the most important education reform in the nation's history."New York Times

Common CoreState Standards

CCSS in ELA-require students to read and comprehend complex texts-greater emphasis on informational texts (50% in elementary and 70% in high school)-emphasis on evidence-based writingCCSS in Mathematics-fewer:clearer:higher so teachers can focus more in depth on important topics -call for students to apply knowledge to real world problems

*State leaders from 48 states developed common standards in ELA and Mathematics*46 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the CCSS*Over 90% of students are covered by CCSS

Skills required for collegeand career readiness.

Opposition to CCSS due to:-misinterpretations of the document-mistaken belief that the federal government is intruding on state control of education-poor implementation of the CCSS (little or no training or proper materials)

Work Used"Common Core State Standards 101." Alliance for Excellent Education



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