Common Sense by: Thomas Paine

by sunnieday15
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Social Studies

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Common Sense by: Thomas Paine

Common Sense

From my research and information, I found out three main types of reactions towards "Common Sense." The strong-supporters, the Loyalist haters and the political leaders that just disliked it.

Using the library and the computer, I got two books, two pictures and the rest are websites for my sources. I procrastinated on this project, but I wished I didn't.

Thomas Paine had always interested me and I wanted to learn more. I already knew that "Common Sense" was very inspirational. I wanted to find out more about the reactions.

Why I chose my Topic

BY: Thomas Paine

Process and Learning Experience


QUESTION: How did Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" affect Americans and why?

Sunnie Lee, Period: 5


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