Common Raven

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Common Raven

HabitatsConiferous and deciduous forestsBeachesFarm landGrasslandsDesertsIce FloesMountainsTundras

NestingThough males will sometimes gather twigs for nests, females do most of the nest building. Nests consist of sticks up to three feet in length and can contain objects such as wire, bones and remnants of old nests. Nests are often found in cliffs, under rock formations, and in the crook of tree branches.

FeederFoodBlack Oil Sunflower SeedsCracked CornHulled Sunflower SeedsPeanut HeartsPeanutsSuet

Common Raven

Don't Call Me a Crow!Ravens aren't as social as crows--they are usually found individually or in pairs. They have all black markings from their beaks to their feet.

Feeder PreferencesGroundPlatform

Ravens are one of the smartest birds. Their cleverness makes them excellent predators.

Food in NatureCrows are omnivores and will eat almost anything including: carrion, small animals, such as mice and voles, eggs, grasshoppers, beetles, and scorpions



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