Common Cold Explained

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Common Cold Explained

Common Cold Explained

Air Pollution Example:

Cold Virus:

Do you actually get a cold from the cold weather?The answer is no. The reason why this "saying" is around is because it is most common during cold tempertures such as winter season. The reason why it is most common at those times is because people tend to stay inside with others to keep warm. Symptoms of a cold however can can appear within 3 days of exposure. Once one person breaths in a sneeze from an infected person they can develop a cold and pass it on to others nearby without knowing. No this does not mean you should go home and tell everybody it's a myth but instead to know how you actually get colds.

Why is there a medicine for a cold virus?Although most viruses don't have a cure due to how strong these cures are, and have drug resistence, this virus has been figured out easily. This is because it was identified in 1950s. It was'nt exactly bad until more people got infected due to easy transmission. Severity rose until they worked hard enough to finally find medicine that worked! This isn't exacly a cure either though it helps relive your cold and helps kill the germs! Medicine is made for those in need such as children or elderly.

Why Can You Get a Cold More Than Once?There are much more than only one type of strain of the virus. In fact there are more than 200 varieties that cause common colds! You're body produces antibodies. After this you have immunity against that forgein invader. These antibodies latch on to forgein invaders to mark them for destruction. If there is a different virus, bacteria, fugus, etc that your body never encountered it needs to produce different antibodies to make sure the body does'nt fail or hurt itsself.

Medicine for colds:

Antibodies Latching To Virus

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