[2014] Sheandra Kitchen (BBi): Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

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[2014] Sheandra Kitchen (BBi): Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Risk-TakingWhen being an entrepreneur you have to be able to dive into a future of uncertainties, however if you’re a risk taker you aren’t a guaranteed entrepreneur. You will need to evaluate whether or not the risk is worth the cost of a career, time, and money.

ImaginativeThere is a great possibility that someone has already crated an authority for the niche that you may choose, but adding an imaginative twist to the idea you can revolutionize the idea making it attractive to potential customers.

Self ConfidenceTo be an entrepreneur you need to have a belief in your own abilities, and ideas.

MotivationTo be an entrepreneur you need to be able to overcome, and deal with any obstacles that may come in your way. Businesses don’t happen overnight, it will take time. Being motivated to have your business grow despite how many times your will be shut down will keep your business alive.

OrganizationWhen building a business your will need to manage your resources (including time, money, and professional relationships), this will be a long-term commitment and will need a great deal of planning and organizing.

Being Open-MindedWhen you’re an entrepreneur you may think that you have your business plan set in stone, but you will need to be able to take in other people’s opinion. If it seems that your plan will not work with those opinions then you will need to make adjustments.

PassionA founder is often driven by a purpose other than the want of operating a business. Without a spark, you are lacking the motivation to work those early mornings, and late nights.

FlexibilityBeing a passionate entrepreneur is great, but being inflexible will lead to failure. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about doing what you believe to be good, but also making a business out of it, that will be successful.

AuthoritativeYou will come across naysayers, manipulators, and scammers, you need to be authoritative and not be influenced by these people. Even though there is nothing wrong with taking advice from people, in the end an entrepreneur will have to make the final decision for the company.

Being Perceptive

Being Able to Work Under Pressure

Being a Self-Promoter



Being a Problem Solver


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