Comets, Astroids and Meteors

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Comets, Astroids and Meteors

Facts about comets:~A comet is a small world which scientists sometimes call a planetesimal.(planit-s-e-mal.)~Comets are made of dust and ice.~Comets look like dirty snowballs.~when the comet gets closer to a hot star the gases get pulled back and it forms it's tail.

Facts about meteors/meteorites:~Chunk of rock or metal.~Meteors are called shooting stars.~When a meteor comes into earths atmosphere it burns up. But when it survives it's called a meteorite..

Facts about asteroids:~Asteroids are left-overs of the Solar System.~Asteroids never complete their orbit.~Astroids follow the same orbit as the other planets.

Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors!

Did You Know?~The biggest asteroid could be the size of texas!~There could be an invisable asteroid!~Rosseta and Philae made it to the comet!

By: Amyah, Lieland, and Daniel

This is a picture of Philae a space bot that landed on a comet.

Asteroid burning in Earth's atmosphere

Facts About Rosseta and Philae

~Philae is a space craft that landed on a comet.~It took 10 years to get to the comet.~Philae is the size of a washing machine.~Rosseta is 32 meters long and a size of a 7 story building.

This is a picture of Rossetta a space bot that is now orbiting a comet.

This is a comic strip about philae landing on a comet

This is the size ofRossetta's antenna.

paxi following a comet


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