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Comedy is as you probably know consisted of laughs jokes preformances and etc. Today you can find out all about this stuff.

p. 1 Life with humorp. 2 Road to Humor Stardomp. 3 How about dem Punzp.4 Timeless Comedians

In my opinion, comedy is way harder than it looks. However, if you want to pursue the challenge here is how to do it. Starting out is the hardest part, just make sure you come up with jokes in a notebok, and practice performing. After just find open clubs and groups, make sure to watch other people. Remember anyone can be a jokester if they want to. By now you should be in the thick of things, and getting gigs, auditioning,writing a ton of jokes,have a style, etc. It is also good to work with others easily. Obviously, most comedians' end goal is to have good pay, and being well known. Throughout these steps you'll get better at performing, listening, and writing jokes. If you follow these steps you'll be on the road to Humor City!

So i hear you asking yourself maybe i want to be a comedian,what is it like? Here's my answer to your curious mind. By the end of this you'll know all the things you want to know. Things from the amount of education you need, to the essentials of comedy, to what the typical job is like. Prepare and get ready because we are just getting started. Starting with the education of this job is that well you don't need anything. However there are enrichment classes for writing jokes, and developing comedic style.These classes emphasize on student participation so they build up confidence.Some classes even show you the processof a typical audition.The essentials of comedy are very simple (if you ask me).These are things like:telling and performing jokes in front of an audience and coming up with a style. Finally the answer you've been waiting , everything you do as a comedian!It may seem easy, but there is a lot to it like:writing scripts,doing improv, asking audience for suggestions, and auditioning.Typically you start out with small gigs and small pay, but it eventually increases. To start out you'll start with auditioning and following producer's directions. That's really all you need to know about the career.

Life with Humor

Table of Contents (November 9th 2015) (11/10/15) (11/11/15)

Here is a comedian performing

Everyone loves a good laugh right? Well somebody had to make you laugh, and you're about to find out who does. The first jokester we have is Chico(Leonard) Marx, the oldest of the Marx brothers. Many of his roles was an italian idiot, doing comedy that would just be wierd. His brothers started as a musical group, but people loved his antic personality, and gambling habit. Sadly he passes away in 1961 from anterioclerosis. Next, is a comedic oddball(in my opinion anyways) is the on the only... Albert Brooks! Albert was mainly famous for TV and films and won many many awards such as Ohklahoma,Phoenix, and Las Vegas Critics Awards! In 2011 he won almost a dozen awards for the film "Drive". He also played marlin in Disney's Finding Nemo.After that we have Carol Burnett comedy extraordinaire. Carol Burnett seems to be on every form of entertainment tv, film, and even Broadway. On her flagship show, "The Carol Burnett Show" she won 5 Golden Globe awards. And people still love for her timeless comedy. Last, but certainly not least is car enthusiast Jerry Seinfeld, who had the most popular sitcom Seinfeld! He was influemced by Abbot and Costello, to go on being nominated for 7 movie. Fun fact he owns 46 Porches(cars) also alive at 61. Audiences have been entertained by these comedians time and time again and I hope you do to.

I hear you asking, hey what kind of gags should I do? Our first type of jokes is one-liners, which are so short yet they pack tons of funny remarks. Next, are sports jokes as you can imgine they are about sports. Also as many jokes have is a play on words. Finally is the world of improv, which i s a form of theatre. The cool thing is they're mainly made up while performing, and are used outside of theatre in places like classrooms and buisnesses even! There you go jokes in a nutshell.

Road to Humor Stardom

If you follow these steps you will be on the road to success

How About Dem Punz?

Use these types of jokes and you can make others laugh just like this

Timeless Comedians

Chico Marx died in 1961

Jerry Seinfeld alive at 61

Albert Brooks passed away in 2015

Carol Burnett alive at

This is Carol Burnett


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