Comanche Cameron

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Comanche Cameron

The history of the Comanche Indians

Quanah Parker lived from about 1852 to 1911 a Comanche leader was the son of Cynthia Parker a white woman who was kidnapped as a child. She came to like the Comanche Way of living and married a powerful member of the tribe Peta Nocona. Quanah Parker led the Comanche against the United States troops until he had to give up in 1875.

Comanche women were fully clothed while Comanche men usually wore buffalo skin breechcloth and moccasins.

This is a picture of a Commanche hunt. To hunt the Comanches used bows and arrows and lances and sometimes they made buffalos run off a cliff. Their main source of food is buffalo.

Comanche lived in teepees which were made of buffalo hide wrapped around 4 wooden poles tied together.

I am related to Quanah Parker on my mother's side as a distant relative.

How did the Comanche get along with other tribes?the Comanche traded with other tribes* andthe Comanche also had wars with other tribes.*the sign below was NOT used in comanche times.

There was tension or sometimes bad treatment of people who were not full blood Comanche.

By: Cameron Rutherford



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