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Columbus Sample

I was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. My family was poor, and I did not have much formal education. Since I did not have much schooling, I learned from sailors and listened to their stories. As a boy, my "schools" were the docks of Genoa. When I was young, I took short fishing trips. As I got older, I took longer trips to the Mediterranean Sea. In my free time I studied map-making and geography. Later, I moved to Portugal and learned how to navigate. I was especially inspired to explore by reading about Marco Polo.

My Dates of Explorations

Aug. 1492-March 1493I reached CubaSept. 1493-June 1496I reached JamaicaMay 1498- ?I reached TrinidadMay 1502 - ?I reached Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

What I was looking for...

On behalf of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, I wanted to find a quick and easy route to an area called the Indies (China, Japan, and India). I thought I could find the Indies by sailing west. Many explorers wanted to find a quicker route because Europeans had to cross deserts and mountains to get to the Indies by land. This was a long, difficult trip! I thought that if I sailed west, I'd find a shorter route. I wanted to get to the Indies to obtain valuable spices, silks, and gold.

What I found...

It turns out, I did not find the Indies by sailing west. Instead, I "discovered" lands that are now known as North America. Unfortunately, I did not actually know where I was. I thought I met Indians, but in fact I met Native Americans called Arawaks. Instead of finding spices, silks, and gold, Native Americans gave me parrots, cotton, and hunting spears. I needed to impress the king and queen of Spain. I caputured Native Americans, and then I made them slaves and brought them back to Spain.


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