Columbian Exchange

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Columbian Exchange

Tired of your old, boring food?

Join Columbian Exchange Tours on the adventure of a lifetime across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World to get some of the best fruits and vegetables that it has to offer!

Your tour route

Our Beginnings:When Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, he also discovered its delicious new fruits and vegetables. He brought the new foods back to Europe, and the Europeans began to plant them in Europe. When Columbus sailed back to the Americas, he brought some of Europe's native fruits, vegetables, and animals. The natives and settlers of the New World began planting and breeding these foods and animals in the New World. This trade of the food and animals from the New World to the Old was named the Columbian Exchange. Columbian Exchange drastically changed how people lived then, and greatly influenced our lives today.

A two-year round trip for only $9999.99!

ItineraryDay 1 - Board ship, meet captain, settle inDay 2-70 - Sail from from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean. Please be aware of contracting diseases from other passengers.Day 71-160 - Make first stops in Martinque, Gaudeloupe and surrounding islands. Conquer land, pick up souvenirs, leave settlers and convert natives to Christianity.Day 161-250 - Sail for new islands, make some stops at smaller islands along the way.Day 250 - Land of Santo Domingo Island. Conquer land, gather and taste local foods. Leave settlers and convert natives to Christianity.Day 410-460 - Sail past coasts of Jamaica and Cuba. Send in settlers to conquer land. From here we sail to Central America.Day 460 - Arrive in Central America.Day 465-655 - Begin to conquer large native civilizations like the Aztecs and the Inca. Please be aware that 50%-90% of the natives will be killed by settlers and sailors like us, and by disease (smallpox, typhus, measles, mumps, etc.) spread by us. After conquering the natives, we will convert them to Christianity and force them to mary us and give us food. Pick up great souvenirs and leave settlers. Day 660-730 - Sail back across the ocean to Europe. We will bring our new souenirs back, and leave some Eastern food and animals to grow and breed in the New World.Day 730 - Arrive back home in Spain. We hope you enjoyed your trip!

Some amazing souvenirs you can bring home are:PineapplesCornTobaccoTomatoesPotatoesSweet potatoesVanillaPumpkinsTurkeysPeppersPeanutsAnd more!

A pleased boy is happy that he gets to try new foods that you can bring home from the New World.

And some supplies you can bring to the New World to help the settlers:CattleHorsesPigsSheepGrapesOlivesBananasSugar caneHoney beesGrainsAnd more!

Customer Reviews:"The new foods and animals were amazing!""The journey and experience was incredible.""I loved getting to try all of the new fruits and vegetables. Helping the natives be converyted to Christianity was inspiring.""I would do it again!"


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