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Columbia College

Columbia CollegeSchool of Law

Campus Life

Life as a Columbia Cllege student is more about just a world-class academis offerings. Offices across the university support and assits Columbia students from theşr first moment on campus until their last step at commencement. Upon graduation, students remain connected to the College through a range of programming and services offered through ColumbianCollege Alumni Affairs.


Average SAT: 2215Avearge GPA: 4.13

International students are eligible to apply for GS institutional scholarships. In order to apply for institutional aid, studets must complete the GS Scholarship Application. Inteernational students who are not U.S. citizens of permanent residents do not need to complete FAFSA to receive institutional aid.

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is 55,356 dollars per year.Living expenses (room&board) are 18,765 dollars

Aysima Taş

Aid ForInternational Students