colour poems

by Esayan
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colour poems

My colour is whiteIt is modestIt feels like cottontastes like cotton candysmells like waterlooks like a cloudsounds like a waterfall that you can hold.Narod

PinkPink feels like a soft pillowtastes like strawberriessmells like a sweet perfumelooks like my heart sounds like a love storyPink is a good colour for meTatya

BlackBlack sounds like metal feels like pessimismlooks like deathtastes like stale breadsmells like rotten foodblack is a good colour for me.Sesilya

PurplePurple feels like happinesstastes like chocolatesmells like perfumelooks like purple flowerssounds funnypurple is a good colour for me.Lerna

REDThe sound of red is hotRed smells like lovelooks like a couplefeels like a cruel personThe taste of red makes me hungryMari

YELLOWIt feels like soft but not smoothsounds like a fast and energetic melodytastes lsweet, it has some m&ms in it, I guess.It smells really fresh that makes me feel relaxedbut it looks really confusing Each point of view will lead you to an other shape.Yellow will give you the energy you needBurak

PinkPink feels like sleeping in the cotton candysounds like a song that children singtastes like candysmells like a roselooks like a rabbitPink is a cute colour.Talar

YellowYellow sounds like classical music.tastes like rufflessmells like a daisylooks like a blanketYellow is a comfortable colour.Karin

PURPLEIt feels like silkIt's a sweet melody which makes you feel relaxed and hungry at the same timeIt's a sweet and savoury foodthat you want to eat more and moreIt looks like a flower which hasn't been picked yet!And smells wonderfully fresh.Lara

Red Red smells like strawberriessounds like a blue songlooks like a beautiful womanfeels like a soft touchtastes like sweetsRubina



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