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Social Studies

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-Actual name is the Flavius Amphitheater - Empero Vespasian is the creator-Held fights - Is about 5 to 6 acres long- Made from brick and stone-Wrecked by fires and earthquakes-Seating was specific depending on your social class


- Built almost 2 thousand years ago.- Most impressive building made during the Roman Empire. (80 CE)- Largest structure of the area.- Began building in 72 CE

Facts- The games that have taken place in the Colosseum took atleast over 400,000 lives.- The last fight took place in 435 CE- The Colosseum was built near a statue named (Colossus) which is where the current name came from.-Total marble used to construct the Colosseum was found to be 100,000 cubic meters.

-Most of the fighters were slaves, prisioners of war, or criminals- People enjoyed the gladiators the most-Each winner was given golden palm leaves and money-Venationes (fights between exotic animals or men and animals)

-Opened by the Empero's son Titus 80 CE after his fathers death- Opening ceremony lasted over 100 days- Can hold 55,000 people- Has 80 different entrances


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