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Treatment:They have special contact lenses, and glasses that help tell the difference between similar colors. You Can now get an injection that can reverse color blindness.

Colorblindness: An abnormal condition charactorized by the inability to distinguish different colors of the spectrum.

The female has a 50% chance of becoming a carrier, only 1% of all females are colorblind. Males have a 50% chance of becoming colorblind, only 7% of males are colorblind.

Colorblindness is caused by the X-chromosome. Only the female can be a carrier of Colorblindness.

Signs/Symptoms:Having trouble telling appart the brightness of colors.Unable to tell the difference between colors same or similar to each other. In severe cases:Eyes will move side-to-side in a rapid motion.

You can know if you have color blindness by getting an eye exam at the doctor's office.

People who have color blindness have trouble with the colors, green and red, sometimes even yellows and blues.

Fun Facts:1. In certian countries you need normal color vision to get a drivers license.2. The anomaloscope is the most accurate color blindness test today.3. Police officer, firefighter, and airline pilot are the most popular jobs that require normal color vision.4. Many colorblind people have trouble matching clothes, or buying ripe bananas.5. A Colblinder is a person who learned to enjoy his colorblindness.6. About 8% of all men are suffering from colorblindness.7. Dogs are not colorblind.8. Colorblindness is also called Daltonism, after the scientist John Dalton.9. Colorblind people feel handicapped in everyday life, and almost nobody recognizes this.


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