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Capital City: Denver

We are the state's animal!

I am a Lark Bunting. I am Colorado's State bird. I have a range of almost 2 million kilometers. I eat insects such as grasshoppers, beetles, and ants.

European settlers came into the area in 1806 when Zebulon Montgomery Pike came upon a mountain he attempted to climb. That incredible mountain was named Pike’s Peak. Miners came into the area because of the nearby mountains rich in gold and silver. Colorado Springs was incorporated as a town in 1872.

Near Creede

Nicholas Creede struck a silver lode near current day Creede in 1889. An estimated 10,000 people flocked to the region. By 1891, Creede passed the $1 million mark in silver production. After the Silver Crash in 1893, Creede’s population dwindled. Today, the population fluctuates between 500-2500, depending on the season.

Colorado school children voted that the Rocky Mountain Columbine be the state flower in 1899. There are 70 species of columbines in the world, with roughly 1/3 being native to North America. The blue is symbolic of the sky, while white represents snow and the yellow signifies Colorado’s gold history.

The Native American Anasazi tribe originally populated the area around what is known as Pueblo about 100 B.C. They built their homes of clay and mud. Their primary crop was pumpkin and corn. Europeans came to the area as fur trappers, setting up a trading post.

Colorado Renaissance Festival

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Pueblo Train Station


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