Color Theory Studies of J. Henry Fair's Industrial Scars

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Color Theory Studies of J. Henry Fair's Industrial Scars

As an artist you have the power to bring awareness and social change to issues you feel passionate about.

Your Task:Investigate the works of J. Henry Fair. Pick a photo you would like to recreate. Capture the tints (add white),shades (add black) and tones (add gray) displayed in the example.

Upon first glance J Henry Fair’s work is a mysterious assemblage of contrasting colors, but further investigation reveals it is a collective work of aerial photos. Documenting the ravaging effects of industry and consumption of our planet’s resources, J. Henry Fair invites his viewers to ponder realism's relationship with the abstract.

Materials: Industrial Scars Book by J Henry Fair or Internet AccessPencil, Acrylic/Tempera/Water Color Paints, Canvas or 80 lb paper, brushes, pallet, water, cup.

Remember to utilize the techniques you acquired in the color wheel excercise

Color Theory Studies ofJ. Henry Fair's Industrial Scars

Describe this artist's journey to discovering the most effective way to share the message of his work.

Food for thoughtView the TEDX Talk and answer the following questions.Are you a citizen or a consumer?Can you wield influence by your economic choices?What is the opportunity cost here?What would an ariel view of your room or neighborhood reveal?Are you responsible for shaping your environment?What are these color combinations communicating to us?


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