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Color Enrichment Lesson

Art 8 - Enrichment LiveLessonU1L4 - Color Theory10/1/13

1. Use an 8.5"x11" paper for your creation (sketchbook or computer paper)2. On your paper, draw one object from your home (appropriate), using direct observation3. I'd suggest drawing your object using pencil first and then tracing over it with a black marker4. Once your object is drawn/outlined, color in or paint your OBJECT using ONE of the following color schemes:-- Monochoromatic -- Analogous -- Warm -- Cool -- Complementary5. Once the object is colored in (using one of the above color schemes), now paint/color in the background using a DIFFERENT color scheme (monochromatic, analogous, complementary, warm, or cool)6. Your background color scheme and foreground color scheme should be DIFFERENT from each other7. When the entire piece is colored in, using two different color schemes, webmail me your finished creation and TELL ME what color schemes you used

Enrichment Requirements

Your artwork is due to me by no later than Friday 10/25/13

Color Review* Color is what our eye sees when light is reflectedd off of an object; light is the combination of all colors* Color can change the feeling and mood of an artwork; it can also draw your viewers attention to particular parts of the artwork* Color can make your artwork realistic or unrealistic* Primary colors CANNOT be made by mixing any colors together; they are blue, yellow, & red* Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors together; green, violet, & orange* Intermediate colors are a combo of one primary and one secondary color; ex: red-orange* Complementary colors are directly across from one another on the color wheel* Monochromatic color scheme - use different values of the same hue* Analogous color scheme - colors that are side-by-side on the color weel (they share the same hue)* Warm Colors - Reds, Oranges, and Yellows* Cool Colors - Blues, Violets, and Greens

Color is one of the most powerful Elements of Art...How do you use color?

Mrs. Milam's ExampleColor Schemes: Analogous (yellow-orange, orange, & red-orange) & Monochromatic (light blue, blue, dark blue)

Mrs. Milam's Example:Color Schemes: Analogous (yellow-orange, orange, red-orange) & Monochromatic (light blue, blue, dark blue)


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