Color Blindness

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Color Blindness

If one is color blind, their eyes will not look any different from eyes that properly process color, mainly because the deformity that causes the case is either in the retinal cones of the eyes or in the occipital lobe of the brain. The only real symptom of color blindness is when color appears different than it does for normal eyes.


Because color blindness is usually a genetic disease, it is not usually "contracted". A person is normally born color blind, but some injuries to the head or eyes can cause the retinal cones to become deformed, therefore resulting in color blindness.


Color Blindness is usually a genetic disease.


Color Blindness is gender specific. It is more common in males than in females because the deformity that causes color blindness is made in the X chromosome. Males only have one X chromosome whereas females have two, so they are less likely to be infected in both chromosomes, which is the only way genetic color blindness occurs.

Is color blindness gender or age specific?

Because it is a genetic disease, it cannot be prevented.

Can it be Prevented?

How is it Contracted?

Color Blindness

The inability to proses color normally is called color blindness. It is a common ailment and effects several million people. There is not any actually blindness, merely colors cannot be viewed normally. The most common cause is problems in development in the retinal cones that perceive color in light. Damage to the eye, optic nerve, or specific parts of the brain can also cause color blindness.

Unfortunately,there is not currently a cure for color blindness. However, certain glasses or contact lenses can be used to deal with the issue.


Normal Vision

One form of CB

Another form of CB

Other Facts

- 8% of men suffer from color blindness- If a women is color blind, than all of her sons will be color blind- 99% of colorblind people suffer from red-green colorblindness- Many colorblind people have problems with matching clothes and buying ripe bananas.


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