Color Blindness

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Color Blindness

Emily Garrett

Color Blindness

Color Blindness is a disorder in which those affected confuse, or cannot see, certain colors.

What is Color Blindness?

The types of color blindness are Deuteranomaly, Deuteranopia, Protanomaly, Protanopia,Tritanomaly, Tritanopia, Blue Cone Monochromacy, and Rod Monochromacy.

Possible symptoms include mixing up colors, not being able to see certain colors, very poor vision, and in severe cases nystagmus (rapid, side-to-side eye movement) and even total blindness can occur.

The Ishihara Color Test was developed in 1917

Color blindness is usually X-linked, but some varieties of the disorder are autosomal recessive.

Color blindness has no cure, but people with this disorder can wear color-tinted glasses or contacts to help them see color.

John Dalton, a British chemist, was the first person to describe color blindness as a disorder.


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