Color Blindness

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Color Blindness

Why is it an issue?It is an issue because it affects a lot of people and their daily living, when you think about what clothes to wear, or what to paint your, house or even watching movies, color blindness has an affect on all of it.

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Color Blindness

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What Can be done about it?There wasn't a lot that could be done about color blindness until recently where a study co-authored by Jay Neitz at the University of Washington successfully made an injection of cells into two squirrel monkeys which was a total success!The monkeys, named Dalton and Sam, both lacked a gene known as L opsin that provides the information for L-Cones in the iris (long wavelength, red sensitive). This is the same cause for red-green color blindness in Humans. (

What is it?Color Blindness is the inability to see a differentiate color, whether those colors are red, green, blue, or a mix of colors This condition results from an absence of color-sensitive pigment in the cone cells of the retina, the nerve layer at the back of the eye. Normally Color Blindness is inherited at birth, Inherited color blindness happens when you don't have one of these types of cone cells or they don't work right.

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  • BrookeCairns 8 years ago

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    I liked the video, but it was a little fast to me. Maybe a different video would have taken a little more time to let you see the image. I really like the picture with the four different views of color. The one picture is a little blurry and makes it a little difficult to read. I think that you had a lot of good objects inserted, but the quality of the objects wasn't the greatest. Looking to find something of better quality would have increased the appeal of your glog. Overall, I enjoyed the information that you had!

  • Rachael121691 8 years ago

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    Cool Glog! I really enjoyed how you used lots of different pictures and visual aids--that always makes glogs really interesting. For improvement, it just seemed a little big scrambled maybe organize it differently. Other than that really good work!

  • tinahap 8 years ago

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    Great job with the information. I feel like your glog was visually appealing, the only thing I didn't like was the exclamation mark at the bottom that moves. But that is just my preferences. Otherwise you did a wonderful job.

  • dturner92 8 years ago

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    Great job! It has all the information needed. I really liked the pictures that you included. They added good examples to the glog. I wasn't a fan of the moving arrow/exclamation mark, but that is just my preference. Overall it was good!

  • sodergrenm9690 8 years ago

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    I think your glog was good and had a lot of nice content. I personally wasn't a fan of the video selection, but it wasn't bad by any means. I guess I don't mind the moving animations. They add a bit to the glog.

  • Davisa0929 8 years ago

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    I really liked your use of the numerous photos to illustrate the concept. I thought it was extremely helpful and interesting. Your video was also very intersting. My only suggestion would be maybe considering a background of some sort to make it more eye catching.

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