Colony of Virginia

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Colony of Virginia



Religious Freedom

Come to the land of great wealth and fertile soil!




Gov't assistance

Colonists trade tools, pots, and guns with the Powhatans for food, furs, and leather. Colonists had farms and developed the plantations exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit and livestock.

Virginia has fertile land and great wealth because of the tobacoo they grow and sell to England. The warm climate makes it possible to grow crops throughout the year and is perfect for plantations.

The Law mandates Virginians worship in the Church of England.

Tons of Jobs! Be a minister, tobacco seller, farmer, carpenter, blacksmith, mason, plantation owner and more!

(1607) Jamestown, first permanent English settlement established(1608) John Smith helps settlers build houses and plant crops(1611) John Rolfe introduces his tobacco seeds(1612) First crop of tobacco exported(1614) John Rolfe and Pocahontas married(1619) 90 women arrived on "brides' ship"; start making families; black indentured servants arrived on Dutch ship; first meeting held of Virginia General Assembly(1624) King James made Virginia a royal colony(1676) Colonists revolted (Bacon's Rebellion); Jamestown settlement burned; Bacon died, supporters hung

America saw the first self government with the House of Burgesses.

The Virginia Colony was founded in 1607 by John Smith and John Rolfe at Jamestown. It was backed by the London Company. In 1624, Virginia was created as a royal colony.

Virginia Name

Named after Queen Elizabeth I of England - the "Virgin Queen".


"I left England's unemployment to join the crew headed to Virginia to search for gold!"

By Michael Swan


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