Colony of Connecticut

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Colony of Connecticut

The Colony of Connecticut

* Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut* Connecticut was founded in 1636*Connecticut was nick- named the constitution state

*The main reason why connecticut was founded and settled was for its fertile land.*The cash crops included tobacco,peaches,hay,pears,apples,and maple syrup.

By:Dylanie Flick

*\The climate was mild in winter, but the summers were very warm*The nautral resorces that the colinists used were abundant they included forests,rivers,and associated in tons of wildlife.

The state of Connecticut is named after the River Connecticut. That is the largest river in New England.

In 1705 copper was discovered. America's first trade association was founded in Naugatin Valley.

The moutian range is the dominant land form. Mt.Frissell is Connecticut's highest point. It also has lakes and rivers including moutians.



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