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Social Studies
American History

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~They middle colonies had more fertile soil and a milder climate so they produced bigger harvest. ~They used cash crops to sell in colonial markets and overseas. ~New york and Phildelphia became busy ports beacuse farmers sent cargo there for shipment. ~The Middle Colonies had industries such as; home based crafts, lumbering, mining, and manufacturing. Some people worked at an iron mill. ~Alot of German immagrants settles in Pennsylvania. ~Germans, Dutch, and Swedish immigrants settled in the Middle Colonies.

Life in the Colonies

New England

~Most people lived in well organized towns, with a meeting house, in the center of the town. ~New England had long winters and thin rocky soil which made certain tpes of farming difficult. Most farmers relied on children to do their work. ~New England had small buisness like running mills, shipbuilding, and fishing.~The New England merchants traded with England and other places along the triangular trade route.~Some merchants traded slaves for goods.



~The colonies has rich soil and warm climate. Which made farmers able to cultivate in large areas of land and harves alot of cash crops ~Tobacco was the main cash crop of Maryland and Virginia. Tobacco owners used African slaves to work the tobacoo fields. The surplus of tobacco caused prices to faul which caused tobacco planters to switch to crops,such as wheat and tobacoo. ~The main crop of South Carolina and Georgica was rice. Because rice growing was so hard they relied on slave labor.~Slavery was a big part of the Sounthern Colonies because of the work done on the plantations.


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