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Social Studies
American History

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Religious FreedomThe pilgrims and quakers came to the New World to escape from the religious oppression from the Anglican church.

Expand the British Empire.It was under King James I that colonization began in America. The colonies remained British until the American Revolution, under King George III.

Joint-stock CompaniesThere was economic opportunity in the New World. Envestors financed the stock companies to explore, settle, and search for raw materials such as gold.

LandThe New World provided opportunity for men to own their own land. They were able to have their own property, something not often available in England.

The first settlers in America came from England.

Standard 4 Students will analyze European colonization and settlement of North America.Objective 1 Explain where and why European countries colonized North America, e.g., the Netherlands, England, France, Spain.a. Identify motives for exploration; e.g., religion, expansion, trade, wealth.



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