Colonists in Georgia

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Colonists in Georgia

Important EventsColonists Arrive in Georgia

Georgia SalzburgersIn the years of 1731 and 1732, 20,000 citizens were expelled from their counrty of Salzburg (Salzburg Austria) due to practicing the Protestant religion. These exiles sought refuge in southern regions of Germany, such as Augsburg. Eventually, King George II of Britain invited a group of the Salzburgers to move to Georgia. Those that took the king up on his offer arrived on the shores of Georgia on March 12, 1734.


Highland Scot WarriorsWhat do you think the people in this picture are thinking/saying?

The Highland ScotsShortly after settling in Savannah, Oglethorpe realized that the colony was in great need of military outposts to protect the colony against the Spanish in Florida. Thus, he recruted the "Highland Scots" from Scotland to serve this purpose. The Highland Scots were among some of the best trained fighters of their time. 177 of these Scotish imigrants arrived in Savannah in January 1736 and later that month they moved further south and established the place they called Darien.

The cover page of Patrick Tailfer's (Malcontent Leader) tract protesting the actions of the trustees.

A Georgia Salzburger Pastor.

The Settlement of Darien

What song is the young boy singing?What do you think of thier clothes?

What do you think the Malcontents are arguing about in this picture?

The MalcontentsUnlike many of the other original settlers, the Malcontents paid their own way to the new world. Thus, their loyalty and appreciation for the trustees was slim if at all present. They argued with the limitations placed on land ownership by the trustees as well as the prohibition of rum and slavery in the colony. The Malcontents caused much trouble for the trustees because they did not agree with the decisions made by the trustees for the colony of Georgia.


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