Colonial Women and Children

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Colonial Women and Children

The Life Of Colonial Women and Children

The Tasks of Colonial Women

Life for children in the colonies consisted of work, play and schooling. However times were harder then as there was more sickness and disease

Cooking:They Usually cooked over a fire or in brick ovens - Heating: For heat they would Prepare firesLighting: As you probably know colonists made candles for lightingHousework: Colonists Made soap. Cleaning was also never ending with dust everywhere from the open firesClothes: Spinning, weaving,and knitting was usually how they would make their clothesLaundry: Washing and ironing clothes is how they would get their clothes clean since back then washers and dryers didnt existCaring for Livestock: Farm or plantation life required Colonial women to feed the animals, milk the cows, gather eggs etc

The girls worked with their mothers learning to cook, sew and milk the cows. Boys worked with their father learning farming, cutting firewood and fixing tools. Free time was almost nonexistent. Most kids didn't have toys when they did have a few moments to play. If parents had some money they could import dolls, tea sets and such from England. Some toys such as doll houses could be made by their parents, but colonists were usually too busy with trying to survive. Children did find toys in everyday objects though. They took the rings off old storage barrels to roll around, used string for cat's cradle and pebbles for hopscotch.

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women's work was extremely difficult, exhausting, and under appreciated. Most colonial women were homemakers who cooked meals, made clothing, and doctored their family as well as cleaned, made household goods to use and sell, took care of their animals, maintained a cook fire and tended the kitchen gardens. Middle class and wealthy women also shared some of these chores in their households, but they often had servants to help them.

Kids in Colonial America did not have an easy life. Most of their time was spent working. When they had a few moments to play they had to do so with found items since most parents couldn't afford toys or have the time to make them. All kids in colonial times were educated whether they could afford school, went for apprenticeships or were taught at home. Colony leaders felt that educating the kids would produce good citizens.

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