Colonial Women and Children

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Social Studies
American History

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Colonial Women and Children

The western frontier refers to the area near or beyond the boundary of the colonies. Living in the colonies, especially on frontier land, meant having to rely on their own farms and household to survive. Most things would havebeen homemade.

Colonial Women and Children

Women were in charge of domestic chores. Domestic means that they had to do with the home. These women acted as seamstresses, cooks, gardeners, childcare workers, and more.

Before beginning work, children had plenty of time to play. Games such as hopscotch, leapfrog, and marbles were popular.

Chapter 4 Sec 2

Children were expectetd to work starting around seven years of age.Boys worked the fields and girls worked with their mothers doing domestc work. Some boys learned a trade through an apprenticeship.

Girls would make dolls out of cornhusks and scrap fabrics. Boys would use wood and string to make tops and toy soliders.


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