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Colonial Timeline

Colonial New Jersey Timeline

1524 The Lenni-Lenape first encountered Europeans when an Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazano landen in their region.

1609 Hengry Hudson claimed a huge part of the Lenni-Lenape land for the Netherlands.

1621 A dutch company called Dutch West India was made for trading. It was made along the Delaware river.

1639 The company got Willem Keift to lead New Netherland. He risked harming the fur trade by ordering the Lenni-Lenape to pay extra taxes. They refused and a war started.

1651 A new company rebuilt the colony.. Peter Stuyvesent was the governor of the company

1660 About 1 tenth of New Nerherland's population was made up of enslaved people.

The Dutch West India traded weapons and other things for hats or clothes made of beaver fur.



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