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Colonial Showcase ft. Native Americans - page 2

"The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian."By: 

*European exploration was the beginning of the end for Native Americans.*In 1614, the bloodshed escalated between the English colonists and the Powhatan Indians. John Rolfe's marriage to Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas, eased tension - but only briefly. Two years later, Pocahontas would die of smallpox and Powhatan's militant brother, Opechancanough would take charge, slaughtering 347 Enlgish colonists, including John Rolfe. Walt Disney's epic film, "Pocahontas" would only tell part of the story that surrounded Pochantas and John Rolfe. After Opechancanough's slaughter, white settlers were more convinced than ever that Indians were savages and the only good Indian was a dead Indian.


Dramatic Conflict

When settlers first began moving on the Great Plains, they encountered about 250,000 Plains Indians and 13 million buffalo. Buffalo played a crucial role in Indian culture. Indians ate buffalo meat, made clothing and tepees out of the hides, fashioned the bones into tools, and even burned dried buffalo droppings as fuel. To settlers however, the buffalo were barriers to westward expansion.

French and Indian War

In 1754, Native Americans would stand divided in the French and Indian War. This war took more lives than the American Revolution and involved people on three continents. The war eventually ended French colonization in North America. It also severely damaged the relationship between England and Native Americans.

Historically, this is one of the most accurate films to ever hit the screen. It confirms that Indians were simply trying to survive while retaining as much of their cultural heritage as possible in the face of what had become an irreversible European tide of westward migration.

The westward espansion of the USA came at a terrible cost to the Native Americans. As the pioneers blazed their trails westward, they ruthlessly occupied Native American Lands. Native Americans had great reverence for all land. They believed that land could be utilized but never owned. The white settlers had little understanding or respect for such Indian sentiment. The pioneers were given military assistance by federal troops and the so-called Indian Wars of 1861-1868 would take place. The result was tragic.

Native Americans are pushed further and further west

"The Last of the Mohicans"


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