Colonial Pennsylvania

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Colonial Pennsylvania

Colonial Pennsylvania




Pennsylvania was included as one of the middle colonies. Middle colonies had a major food production in corn, beef, and pork so of course Pennsylvania traded those products. Pennsylvania was also known as the "Bread basket" colony because of the amount of wheat grown

The first buildings were simple structures and were sometimes built to folks likings such as log cabins and frontier forts. The most common syle of housing was the "Georgian Style". Two structures that are still existent are the "Caleb Pusey House" and the "Letita Street House".

King Charles II owed William Penn $80,000 and to pay for the debt he was given Pennsylvania. (1691) Penn named the territory "New Wales" which was later objected and renamed "Sylvania" , meaning woods. To honor William Penn, the king changed the name to Pennsylvania.

Pensylvania did not have a dominate religion. William Penn believed that people had freedom of religion and were allowed to worship God as the saw fit. Although Pennsylvania was supposed oto be a "holy experiment" of pacifism it turned into a place that was reliously tolerant and a place where people of differnet religions escaped from persecutions. Penssylvania was very diverse. SOme of the people that resided there are Quakers, Jews, and Catholics.

Pennsylvania was included as one of the middle colonies. Middle colonies had a major food production in corn, beef, and pork which created a use for trade. Also some of Pennsylvania's natural respuces included iron ore, lumber, textiles,and furs so that was traded as well.


Quakers had suffered greatly in England much like Seperatists and Puritans. Majority of the people in Pennsylvania didn't fight in wars or pay any taxes if it were going to benefit a military venture. They believed in total equality which meant that Quakers did not bow down to nobles. The Quakers of Pennsylvania established religious freedom and created a no tax-supported church. Women viewed the Quakers society as having greater freedom than elsewhere and were allowed to participate in meetings.




Pennsylvania's first consttiotion "The Frame of Government" drafted in April 1682 providing for ann upper house and lover house of the legislature. This caused may problems in the church and led to Penn's arrest. Because of this, William Pnn established the landmark, "Charter of Privlages" (1701)


When William Penn began establishing his colony at least six tribes had already settled in Pennsylvania. Penn decided to deal with the Natives in a nice and calm manner. Because of his kindness and patience William Penn faced very little resistence during his making of the Southerneastern part of Pennsylvania . Pennstlvania had always remained in good relations with the Native Americans.


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