Colonial Life

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Social Studies

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Colonial Life

Colonial Life

Roles of MenOne of the many roles of men was that they controlled the family's income and property. Men also represented their families as voters. In addition, men hunted for food to provide for their family. Men did most of the work in their family.

Roles of WomenWomen's roles included, childcare, cooking, laundry, and they also spun yarn into clothing. Outside women had to milf the cows, tend the chickens, churn butter, and preserve food. Women had little roles in public.

BlacksmithWith his journeymen and apprentices, the blacksmith used sledges to hammer the heated bars into different shapes. Some of the tools that the blacksmiths used included:fileanvilhammertongsvise




Roles of ChildrenChildren mostly did farm and house chores. If children's families were poor, they may have become servants in other families. Boys worked in the fields with their father while girls were taught how to run a house.

Gazpacho:Gazpacho serves 8 people. Gazpacho is a type of soup that contains cucumbers, tomatoes, and many more vegetables.

Children's GamesGames that children play are games that we also play today:marbleshopscotchleapfrogjump rope

Farm Life

Farm LifeMost colonists lived on the farm. Each family member had responsibilities. The farm houses were very uncomfortable.

Dominique ChickensThese chickens was one of the first breeds of chicken developed in the U.S. They can be small to medium sized.


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