Colonial Baker

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Colonial Baker


Since Baking was a tough chore back then I give the bakers a lot of credit for what they do. A lot of effort goes into it. The baker would make sure the fire was heated to the right temperature, raked, banked, and ready to cook on. Most baking was done directly on the coals, but sometimes they would cook it in fornt of the hearth. A baker would have to make almost all the ingredients themsleves right before they mix everything together.

Bakers would roughly make $5.00 a week in colonial times. That would add up to around $260.00 a year for the average baker, but it all depended on the sales overall.


Colonial Times


A baker had to know how to bake and provide food for other people. Also you had to know how to heat the oven to a certain temperature to bake the food. You also needed to know how to add the ingredients in order to get the right consistency.


A baker has to have the knowledge as to what goes into a recipe and how to bake it. They also have to get up early in the morning to get ready for the day and start baking. They also have to have a nice personality to interact with customers so they will come back.

There was usually no training. A pioneer woman would just learn how to bake over her life time. So they would just walk into a bakery and ask for a job, or start their own bakery.A baker would usually get up and start their work around 5 a.m. to everything would be ready for their day. Then when they are done with serving customers, which was arounf 6-7 p.m., they would close up and stay at the bakery to get everything in place for the next day.


Training and Hours


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