Colonial America

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Colonial America

Colonial America

Jamestown1) In 1606, King James I granted a charter to a joint stock company called the Virginia Company of London, which allowed some wealthy Englishmen to colonize in Virginia. This is significant because it was the first step to creating Jamestown which was the first permanent colony in the Americas.2) The first settlers were mostly wealthy men who had invested into Jamestown hoping to share the profits and land. This was significant because it lead the colony struggle because the men could not repopulate their colony, and they did not know how to grow their own food. 3) As the first settlers soon realized, Jamestown was not a good location for agriculture, as the soil was swampy and the stagnant water attracted mosquitos. The mosquitos caused a plaque to inflict further damage to the colony. The soil of Jamestown was important because it was directly parallel to the success of the colony. Bad soil was the cause for much of the hardships in settling Jamestown.4) The winter weather of 1609-1610 caused a period known as "The Starving Time" during which many settlers died. The Starving Time was important because although it wiped out much of the population the people that survived helped facilitate the growth of Jamestown.5) Captain John Smith was a significant figure of the Jamestown colony because of his leadership contributions. Smith helped facilitate trade with the Natives for corn. Smith banished all colonists who were not willing to contribute work efforts, and it was because of this harsh discipline that the colony held on until his departure for England after his injury.6) Tensions rose between the Powhatans and the colonists because of cultural boundaries. The clash escaladed into the First Anglo-Powhatan war between the Indians and settles. This was important in the history of the colony because it disseminated the already low colonist population. 7) The marriage between Native American Pocahontas to the Englishman John Rolfe in 1614 was significant because it instilled momentary peace between the Powhatans and the English.8) In 1619, Jamestown established a House of Burgesses that consisted of white landowners that would administer their colony. It was significant because it was the first legislative assembly in New England.9) In 1624, England annulled the Jamestown charter due to their mortality rate and the colony became a royal colony. This is important because it angered settlers and could have dissolved the House of Burgesses.10) One crop that the colonists had figured out how to grow was tobacco. Tabaco was very influential and significant in Jamestown because, not only was it their only outsource, but it required indentured servants. Indentured Servants were a gateway to slavery which became an entrenched system in the Virginia Colony.

Massachusetts Bay Colony1) In 1629, Massachusetts Bay Company was granted a charter from King Charles I which allowed the Puritans rights to colonize in New England with John Winthrop as their leader. This is obviously important because it led to the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 2) Because of a tainted relationship between England and Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts’ charter was annulled, and a new charter was put into effect in 1691 that forced the colony under the rule of the royal crown and combined Maine and Plymouth with Massachusetts Bay. This is important to the growth of the colony, and also what brought about tensions between the colonist and England.3) John Eliot was a significant figure of the Massachusetts Bay colony, an English Puritan who missioned to the natives of the Massachusetts Bay colony. He created a translation of the Bible that was the first Bible to be printed in the colonies. This was important because it contributed to the religious culture of the colonies. 4) In 1632, Boston is named the capital of Massachusetts and is significant because it is a prosperous capital of Massachusetts to this day.5) In 1635, Puritan Roger Williams was banned from Massachusetts for preaching religious tolerance. This is significant because, Williams fleeing from Massachusetts led him to establish Rhode Island which became a tolerant state and a refuge to other people who had been persecuted.6) The Tea act was passed in 1773 and made British tea cheaper than smuggled tea and marginalized profits for the Boston merchants. On December 16, 1773 a ship arrived on the coast of Boston and was planning on delivering taxed tea from England. Members of the Sons of Liberty snuck onto the ship and dumped all the tea out in protest to the Tea Act in what was soon to be known as, The Boston Tea Party. This was important because it foreshadowed the Revolution and spurred of consequences that would further anger the colonies.7) In 1774, The British passed The Intolerable Acts which implemented strict guidelines for Massachusetts. They were put under the rule of English military. The Boston port, the breadwinner of Massachusetts, was to be closed. This is significant because not only did it prevent maritime trade for the colony and shut down its income, but it angered the settlers and led them into the American Revolution.8) Boston was a significant place in Massachusetts as it was the backdrop of much revolutionary turmoil. On March 5, 1770 British soldiers were pelted with rocks before open firing in the streets of Boston in what became known as the Boston Massacre. It was a greatly significant ordeal that caused intense resentment by the colonists towards the British. 9) On April 19, 1775, the first shots of the American Revolution, known as "The Shots Heard around the World", were fired in the towns Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, and Cambridge. This was important because The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the American Revolution.10) George Washington, the first president of the United States, had his first victory in the winter of 1775-1776 in Massachusetts during the Siege of Boston. This is significant because it was the first steps to defeating the British and created a sense of nationalism.

Pennsylvania1) In 1682, Quaker William Penn established the colony of Pennsylvania with land he inherited. This is important because it would become the third biggest and most affluent colony in the Americas.2) Pennsylvania was founded as a religious refuge for the Quakers and other religions. This is significant because it would facilitate growth in Pennsylvania and allowed them to have a good relationship with neighboring Indians.3) The colony of Pennsylvania was very prosperous due to its fertile land, access to streams and the Atlantic Ocean, and abundance in woodlands. The settlers were able to reap a variety of crops for their colony and as exports. The forests were able to supply ample wood to provide for shipbuilding businesses in Pennsylvania. This is important because it will set the grounds for a stable state, which will be helpful during the Civil War.4) During colonial times Philadelphia was known especially for its rich culture. Due to the fact that Penn allowed freedom of expression was it became an outlet for intellectual conversation and ideas. The arts and sciences in Pennsylvania were noted for being outstanding. America’s first hospital, first library, and first insurance company were established in Pennsylvania. This is important to the growth and development of Pennsylvania to shape it into what it has become today.5) On September 17, 1787 The Constitution of the United States was written by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. This is extremely important because it is still used as a guideline for our nation and was a symbol of independence for America.6) In 1719, The Pennsylvania Gazette written by Benjamin Franklin became the first printed newspaper in America. This was important because it was used at the time as an outlet for American moral virtue which will forever be in our culture.7) On December 12, 1787, Pennsylvania became the second state of the United States. This is significant because it established Pennsylvania from a colony to a state.8) On March 1, 1780, the Pennsylvania legislature passed An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery which was the first attempt by the Western Hemisphere to attempt to abolish slavery. This is important because it represents the split of the North and the South and leads into the Civil War.9) The Royal Proclamation of 1763 prevented colonization past the Appalachian Mountains which would prevent settlers from encroaching on the lands of Natives. However, the proclamation affected Pennsylvania as it had been attempting to colonize the land. This is important because it made the settlers resentful.10) On October 31, 1765, the Pennsylvania Gazette suspended its publishing in act of protest against the Stamp Act. This is important because it showed Pennsylvania’s contributions to the colonies by protesting the Stamp Act.

Maryland1) In, 1634 Lord Baltimore, also known as Sir George Calvert, founded the colony Maryland. 2) Calverts motives were influenced majorly on financial gain, but he also wanted to find a refuge for other Catholics. This is significant because it is the establishment of Maryland.3) Sir George Calvert was displeased with the harsh rules against the Roman Catholics in England and chose to make Maryland a safe place for Catholics. This is significant because Maryland was the first haven for Catholics in the Americas.4) The climate in Maryland was the warmest and located on coastal plains which makes winters easier to survive, prevents the spreading of diseases, and makes it easier to produce crops.5) On April 21, 1649, The Maryland Toleration act was passed that guaranteed religious tolerance for Christians. It was important because it was the first regulation on hate speech in the world.6) The name for Maryland came from King Charles 1 of England in honor of his wife Queen Henrietta Maria. This is important because even today we can see the name Maryland look back on where we came from, and recognize what our ancestors sacrificed to get us here.7) In 1763, two men named Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were summoned to resolve an old unsettled border dispute between the Calvert family of Maryland and the Penn family of Pennsylvania. The result was the Mason-Dixon Line that was completed within five year and became the boundary between the slave free and enslaved states.8) On September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”, while watching the British attacking Fort McHenry, attempting seize Baltimore. This is important because the national anthem has become a huge aspect of American culture. 9) John Coode overthrew the Maryland government administered by Catholics, making it Protestant land.10) Protestant Revolution of 1689 changed the way government ran in Georgia and emphasized religious tensions10)

Georgia1) Pine-forested with the harbor of Savannah.2) Founded in 1733 3) James Oglethrope wanted to keep slavery out of Georgia.4) Was one of the more unsuccessful colonies because of the policies against slavery.5) Debters resided in Georgia 6) Last of the 13 colonies to be settled. 7) Georgia was the first state to write a constitution after the American Revolution.8) Georgia was named in 1732 after the King George II of England.9) Exported silk and wine which helped their economy.10) Served as a buffer state between the Spainish and French.



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