Colonial America Kahoot!

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Social Studies
American History

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Colonial America Kahoot!

Colonial AmericaKAHOOT!

WE NEED HISTORIANS to research and create Jeopardy questions on the 13 original colonies.

2. PROCESS Once you have completed your google document, take the information you have collected from your research and create 2 questions for Kahoot! Then use the google doc to learn about all the colonies and get ready for our game.

EVALUATION AND CONCLUSIONYou will be evaluated on your research information with your partner, according to the following rubric. Rubric

1. PROCESS1. You and your assigned partner will research using the provided links, and enter notes on agoogle doc. Use the QR code below to link to the document.

1. TASKIn this project, you will introduce and familiarize yourself with one of the assigned thirteen colonies, then create a Kahoot game to play!

2. TASKYou will identify the following topics for your colony:-the founders of the colony-the year the colony was founded-descriptions of why the colony was founded-who the colony is named after-economical characteristics of the colony-any other interesting facts




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