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Social Studies

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This is a slideshow of Colombian agriculture. One of the most important crops is COFFEE!!

Fast Facts * Columbia is so close to the equator that it doesn't have any seasons - sunlight all year.* Out of the 14,000 species of butterflies in the world, Colombia is home to 3000 of them.

ColumbiaBy Jordan Martin

The Amazon Rainforest

This is the Coat of Arms!

This is what the local food looks like.

One tradition in Colombian food is to eat Pig's Head! Clothing in Colombia is very similar to what we wear in Canada in the summer.

The population of Colombia is 47.7 million people - 13 million people more than our country!The jobs in Colombia are very similar to those in Canada.

This is the local map!

Put a map of the region here!

The capital city of Colobia is Bogota. It is the biggest city in Colombia - one of the biggest in Latin America with a population of 7, 674, 366!!

Mother's in Colombia stay home to take care of the children. Fathers are the head of the house.


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