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Social Studies

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Crude Birth Rate: 19.8 per 1000Crude Death Rate: 5.5 per 1000Total Fertility Rate: 2.32 per womanInfant mortality rate: 15.02 per 1000Natural Increase Rate:1.3%Age- Sex Structure: 0.98 m/femalesAge dependency ration: 52.3%Life Expectancy: 72.9 YearsNet migration rate: -0.5 per 1000HIV/AIDS rate: 0.6%Literacy rate: 91.4%Population Densities: 42.43 per square kmUrban-rural population: 75.1%Percentage of farmers: 30%

Changes in Demographics?They've went from high to low birth and death ratesWhere do most people emmigrate?United States, Venezuela, Spain, and Ecuador.Resons for emmigration?Economic, social, and security issues as wellas volcanic hazards, landslides, and floodsStage of democraphic transition?Stage 4Is there gender equality?Legally, women benefit from the same ownership rights as men, yet discrimination against women is common, particularly in rural areas.There is an inequality idex of 81/186Population policies?There are no longer any population policies

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Family Planning?Family planning allowed Colombian women to postpone their first birth and have approximately one-half fewer children in their lifetimeDelayed first births seem to enable young women to obtain more education and to work more and live independently later in life

In the early 1500s many Europeans came to Colombia with the colonization of San Sabastian De Uraba. Many spaniards establisheed themselves as leaders of a native social organization.Some Colombians chose to emigrate to North America and Europe because of the great economic opportunities.

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