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Fast FactsLocation: Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Panamaand Venezuela, and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama Land Size : 1,038,700 sq kmClimate / Weather : tropical along coast and eastern plains; cooler in highlandsPopulation : 48,929,706 310,775 (2014) Colombian Capital City: BogotaMain Industries : textiles, food processing, oil, clothing and footwear, beverages, chemicals, cement; gold, coal, emeraldsAgricultural products : coffee, cut flowers, bananas, rice, tobacco, corn, sugarcane, cocoa beans, oilseed, vegetablesColombian Currency : Colombian peso (COP)


Medellin, the most innovative city!

This is what the local fruits look like.

Several varieties of banana include a very small, sweet version. Other Colombian fruits include zapote , nispero, lulo, uchuva, passion fruit, borojó , curuba , mamoncillo, guanábana, guava, tomate de arbol (tamarillo), noni. More widespread fruit varieties grown in Colombia include mango, apple, pear, blackberry, and strawberry.

Map of Colombia!

In the city of Medellín, the typical dish is the bandeja paisa. It includes beans, rice, ground meat or carne asada, chorizo, fried egg, arepa, chicharrón and avocado.In the city of Cali, the most traditional dish is "sancocho de gallina" - a soup composed mostly of chicken, plantain, corn, coriander, yuca root, and other seasonings. In Bogotá and the Andean region, ajiaco is the traditional dish. It is also a type of soup made of chicken, potatoes, and flavoured with a locally grown herb called "guasca". Traditionally, cream and capers are added just before eating. Both soups are served with white rice, salads with a hint of lemon, avocado, or plantain chips, sweet or salty. For breakfast people often eat changua, a milk, scallion, and egg soup. In the Caribbean coast, spicy cooking, with fish and lobster. Coconut rice is a common dish along the coastal cities. In the Llanos, meat from the barbecue, such as the "ternera llanera" is common. In the Amazonas, the cuisine is influenced by Brazilian and Peruvian traditions.In the Tolima region, the Tamales Tolimenses are a delicacy. These tamales are made of a corn dough and feature peas, carrots, potatoes, rice, chicken, pork, and various spices. They are wrapped in plantain leaves and boiled for three to four hours. Pandebono for breakfast with hot chocolate.

Colombia is home to numerous tropical fruits that are rarely found elsewhere.

There is a large variety of dishes

Colombia Travel guide!


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