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Social Studies

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Fernando Maldonado's Surrealismo

Gold Museum


Rafael Carlos Santacruz

Maloka Museum,_Bogot%C3%A1

La violencia = Violence El oro = GoldEl océano = OceanEL camión = TruckEl plátano = Banana


Cooked corn dough filled with meat, chicken and vegetable wrapped in banana leaves.

Colombia is 5 degrees North and 75 degrees West. It borders Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean and the Caribban sea.

•Spanish arrived in 1499•Vasco Núñez de Balboa started conquest•Sebastian de Belalcazar conqueror of Quito•Caribbean people experienced a reduction in pop. Because of conquest by Spanish and European diseases such as small pox•Spanish settled in Columbia as Early as 16th century•First permanent settlement of Spain was established in 1525•Spanish sold properties to governers, conquerers, and their decendents•Slaves introduced for labor•Columbia was part of New Granda

Indigenes people include Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona


Indigenous People


•Since beginning of conquest, there were rebel movements under Spanish rule•July 20, 1810 was independence from Spain

•La Violencia (The Violence) (1930-1974) happens. It was a bloody conflict. Its cause was mainly mounting tensions between the two leading political parties.•(1991) New Politcal Constitution was promulgated, creating new positive changes for Colombia•Civil war against groups like FARC and ELN (1974-1982)•Antonio Nariño opposed Spanish centralism and led opposition against the viceroyalty, (1811)•Juan Manuel Santos, President•Angelino Uribe, Vice President



The Gold Museum is located in Bogotá. It displays lots of beautiful pre-historic gold works.

The Maloka Museum is a interactive science museum located in Bogotá, Colombia.

Antonio Nariño opposed Spanish centralism and led opposition against the viceroyalty, (1811)

Gustav Rojas decreased the violence between two political parties during La Violencia.


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