[2014] Anna Kleinschnitz: Cologne, Germany

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[2014] Anna Kleinschnitz: Cologne, Germany

HOLIDAYS & FESTIVALS1. The Cologne Carnival is celebrated at 11:11 on November 11th every year.2. This is an important festival to the Cologne people to celebrate their history.3. During the celebration, people party out in the streets.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS1. Cologne Cathedral is one of the most prominent churches in Germany.2. This beautiful building is built in a gothic style, as was the style in the period in which it was built.3. When you are there you can admire the architecture, enjoy the rich history surrounding it, and praise Jesus since it’s a church.

CUISINE1. Himmel and Erde is a traditional German dish consumed at lunch time.2. Some ingredients are: black pudding, fried onions, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce.3. Himmel and Erde is a very scrumptious looking dish that is usually served with blutwurst or blood sausage.

Cologne, Germany


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