College Students and New Literacy Practices

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College Students and New Literacy Practices

Things to Ponder...

"College Students and New Literacy Practices" - Dana J. Wilber

Additional Readings!"The Internet Goes to College" - Mary Madden and Steve Jones 2002"The Myth about Students" - Dana Oblinger and Brian L. Hopkins 2005"A Note to Mom: Why I use IM" - Eric Chu"Students' Evolving Use of Technology" - Andy Guess

New Literacies in Theory and Practice- "New" literacies will no longer be so when a new set of tools and use contexts come along. (p. 557)"Just ping, IM, txt, or call me": College-Age Students and Their New Technology Use in General - Students' uses of technology for nonacademic reasons far outweight their uses for academic purposes"It's All on Blackboard": College Students and College-Directed New Technology Use- Not only do college students tend to be more "hands-on oriented"in their learning, but research also suggests they make active use of multiple moalities and are quite at home with engaging in multiple different tasks simultaneously (cf., Madden & Jones, 2002; D. Oblinger, 2004). (p. 564)College-Age Young Adults and Literacy Research- These studies...missed documenting the role digital technologies play in important new and emerging literacy practices. (p. 572)

Purpose of Chapter 20: To examine the current research on college-aged students and new literacies and internet usage.

What, if anything, did you find surprising about this article?How has your internet usage changed as a college student?What problems could arise in the future because of differences in studies of college student internet usage and digital literacies?How do new technologies change literacy practices in college courses and with college-aged students?

A few highlights from the data presented in the infographic: 55% of Americans use the Internet every day. Of those, 45% send or read email and 40% use search engines, but only 15% use social networks and only 5% play online games. Americans spends60 hours a month online. If you were to put those hours back-to-back, you'd be surfing the web for a whole month. While about 70% of American Internet users participate in social networking, nearly 90% of Brazil's Internet population is a part of this trend. Around the world, Internet users now spend 22% of their time online engaging in social networking. Social media aside, the world spends 36% of its web time using email, engaging in commerce, performing searches. 42% of time is spent viewing content. In a singe month, a web user visits 2,646 sites and logs on 57 times.


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