College Road Trip

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College Road Trip

Your AdventureAwaits

College Road Trip

Here There &Everywhere in Between

BYUCampus tours are available Monday-Friday. Tours are every hour from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Click here for more information!

Dixie State CollegeClick here for more information! Tours are offered Monday through Friday, and Saturdays, by reservation. Call 435-652-7590

Southern Utah UniversityTours are offered Monday through Friday. Call 435-586-7741. There are also special Saturday tours set-up. Check website for dates.Red Riot Overnights available throughout the year. Click here.

Salt Lake Community CollegeCampus tours are year round. Call 801-957-3913 for more information. Click here.

WestminsterWestminster offers free one hour tours Monday-Friday from 9a.m. to 4p.m. on the hour.Click Here.Westminster also offers various Open House Events.Call 801-832-2200.

LDS Business CollegeSchedule and In-Person campus tour here. Call 801-524-8159.

University of UtahClick here for tour information. Or call 800-685-8856For details on "Connecting U Days" click here.

Snow CollegeTours are offered Monday through Friday by appointment. Call 800-848-3399Visit Snow for details.

Utah State UniversityUSU Ambassadors will personally escort you around cmpus, answer questions, and treat you to some Aggie ice cream for free. Tours are available from September-April, Mondays-Fridays at 10:15 & 1:45, and selected Saturdays. Call 800-488-8108 or click here.

Utah Valley UniversityUV You Days are free day tours.UVU also has High School Nights and UVU Wolverine Weekends. Click here for more information.

USU EasternUSU Eastern offers an "Eagle Experience Overnight" tour monthy. For dates and time call 888-202-8783 or click here.

Weber State UniversityPersonalized tours available that can include a guided tour, a meeting with an academic advisor, admissions, scholarships, financial aid. Visits are available Monday-Friday. Call 800-848-7770. Click here for more information.


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