Collective Rights

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Collective Rights

Why are collective rights important to First Nations?Collective rights are important to First Nations because it helps them be who they are, and it gives them the rights to practice their religion freely. It also gurantees them rights that would help future generations.

What legislation establishes the collective rights of First Nations in Canada?The Numbered Treaty establishes the collective rights of the First Nations.

Why do First Nations have collective rights and not others?Some groups have colective rights simply because of the population in Canada, but the Aboriginal/ First Nations peoples have collective rights because they were one of the first to settle in Canada

Collective Rights; Aboriginal Peoples (First Nations)

What Are Collective Rights?Collective rights are rights for groups rather than individuals. It applies to the Aborigials because the Queen negotiated a treaty with the First Nation called the Numbered Treaty. It guranteed First Nations certain rights, and they agreed to it thinking not only of the resent but of their future generations also.

What are Aboriginal rights?Aboriginal rights are collective rights made especially for Aboriginal peoples. It gives them rights to certain things like rights to self-government, rights to land and rights to practice their culture and customs including rights and religion.


How do collective rights, in the past and today, define who we are as Canadians?Collective rights define us as Canadians because it shows that we care about everyone no matter the race, nationality or gender. And it proves that in Canada everyone is equal


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