Collagen in Fossilized Material

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Collagen in Fossilized Material

Identifying the Presence of Collagen in Fossilized Material Using Mass Spectrometry

Hypothesis:If the mammal and reptile fossils are demineralized after being soaked in EDTA, then collagen will be identified in the fossilized material.

Materials:-9 fossils - 1 mastodon vertebrae, 1 mastodon leg, 1 horse, 1 tortoise, 1 camel, 1 alligator vertebrae, 1 alligator leg, 1 deer, and 1 sloth-Ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid (EDTA) -safety goggles -lab coat -500 mL beaker -glass stirrer -distilled water -sodium hydroxid pellets -pH test strips -9 petri dishes -label maker -plastic gloves -dissecting microscope-microscope slides -slide covers -tweezers-insect pins-protein extraction kit-mass spectrometer

Procedure:-Prepare the ethylendiaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) by adding 100g of EDTA to 483 mL of distilled water and stirring. Then, add 10g of NaOH pellets to the solution. The pH of the solution should be 8. -Once the fossil samples are in the appropriate dishes, place 50 mL of EDTA in each dish. After four weeks, make microscope slides of the remaining material left in each of the dishes. If the material stretches effectively, the next step is to follow the procedure of the protein profiler module. -After following the procedure in the protein extraction kit, the next step is to run the protein gels through the mass spectrometry machine. Inject each gel into the machine one at a time. The machine will weigh, sort, and fragment each sample and a spectrum will be printed out in a little over an hour revealing if the samples contain Collagen I.


ConclusionIn conclusion, collagen could not be identified in any of the nine fossil samples. Although these results prove the hypothesis incorrect, there is not enough evidence to prove that collagen will never be discovered in another fossil. The results were obtained by chance because there are millions of fossils still undiscovered on the planet Earth that could potentially contain collagen or other proteins.


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